And the surrounding history

Smithfield is one of those places you must visit when in London.

Whether it’s to buy meat, experience the atmosphere or to simply take in the history that surrounds us here at this iconic location.

Smithfield is not only an institution but a rare insight into an ancient trade, that has cleverly kept its history as well as moving with the times.

Drenched in culture, it’s a vibrant unique place to visit.

Many historical events have taken place at the market.

In 1305 William Wallace a.k.a the infamous Braveheart was executed here.

Smithfield opened as a livestock market in the 1830's and as a 'dead' market in 1868.

A fire destroyed part of the market in 1958, in which tragically two firefighters lost their lives.

Smithfield still stands after nearly a thousand years.

The great Charles Dickens once wrote of Smithfield, the market was 'a stunning and bewildering scene, which quite confounded the senses'.



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